week V – Experimenting!-TYP

WORDS September | 2017 Processes: I selected جميل to experiment with different media.   1st idea : I decided to use the flower as my texture because it’s representing the word جميل. I choose purple flower color because it’s  my favorite color, I was excited to make this idea, I captured it in my mind and it was like a […]

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week IIV- New Face (phase) !-DMP

100 THINGS : T H E  O B J E C T September | 2017 ________________________ VOCABULARIES: Insertion Subtraction Substitution Syntactically (formally) Semantically(meaning)   Day by day my way of exploring is getting bigger and bigger, especially when we have done the 1oo things.   I started to realize that every text and images are interchanged and […]

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