T H E    F I N A L E APRIL | 2018 ____________________     process Energy revolution a physical book by Mara Prentiss. I choose to redesign this book because there were a lot of errors and adjustments that I wanted to edit. At the beginning of the process, my verb was […]


Okay-Yma Game

T H E    F I N A L E February | 2018 ____________________ Process: My project aims to demystify how the elders, especially in the middle east, has lacked in the increasing of the development technology like smartphones and new systems in life which leads them to face significant challenges and ask youngers for […]

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(FINAL)-final project-type!

T H E    F I N A L (process) November | 2017 ____________________ after the group critique and the professor’s critique, my poster turned off nice. I took every comment and tried to fix my poster, the first comment that I had is to make the logo smaller around 2.5 centimeters and placing it […]

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T H E    F I N A L (process) November | 2017 ____________________ during the critique, I got the suggestion from my professors to follow the grids unintentionally that is created from my word, the guides are cubed and have lines so I thought of placing the sentences separately according to it. and since the sentence is […]

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